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Kids Recipes

  • Cowboy Supper - Tasty frankfurters in a barbecue sauce and tasty casing
  • Chicken Bites - Easy to prepare and delicious to eat, tasty, bite sized, party chicken nibbles
  • Kiddies Hot Dogs - Delicious mini hot dogs with a touch of tomato ketchup
  • Mini Cheesy Fish Pie - An exciting way of introducing the children to nourishing smoked haddock
  • Sardine Fish Cakes - Tasty variation on fishcakes; easy enough recipe to let budding chefs loose in the kitchen
  • Cheesy Sausage Burgers - Serve your kids these delicious sausage cheeseburgers and you'll have friends for life!
  • Tiny Toads - These mini toad in the holes are just great for kids, especially served hot with baked beans
  • Munchy Cups - Tasty bread cups with a wholesome savoury filling
  • Sardine Whirls - Simple to make, yet delicious to eat, sardines in puff pastry
  • Meaty Pizza - Pack this meaty pizza in your children's lunch box and it will keep their hunger at bay
  • Stuffed Spud Surprise - Tasty variation on the versatile potato
  • Ham and Pepper Risotto - Colourful, nutritious way of serviing rice, best eaten with a spoon
  • Fish Finger Wigwams - Round up the Indians from the garden and serve then this quick fish finger and mash meal
  • Mini Mackerel Omelets - Get cracking with eggs for this delicious mackerel omelet
  • Pigs in Blankets - Baked bread parcels with sizzling sausages, great for picnics
  • Fudgie Brownies - Fudge icing and walnuts on chocolate squares, just heaven
  • Spotted Dick - Love it or loathe it, here's a microwave recipe for that old school pudding
  • Peanut Butter Cookies - Dainty little cookies with a syrup and peanut butter flavour
  • Sugared Doughnuts - Doughnuts, yes please
  • Eggy Potatoes - Kids will just love these nourishing potato savouries that are a meal in themselves

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