Banana Recipes

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Banana Recipes

  • Banana Fingers – Tasty banana biscuits that are ideal for a trip to the country or for the school lunch box.
  • Banana Tart – More of a pudding than a pie this banana tart is excellent with a little cream or custard.
  • Banana Split – A quick and easy recipe for that old favorite, the banana split.
  • Banana and Chocolate Cream – A handy sweet that can be made well in advance of that little intimate dinner for two leaving you lots of time for yourself.
  • Banana Russe – You will find this banana russe recipe a pretty and delicious sweet.
  • Ella Maud’s Hot Banana Pudding – A hot banana pudding with a super brandy and cream sauce.
  • Baked Bananas – The coconut and oranges give a really tropical taste to this banana pudding.
  • Banana Fritters – Don’t forget to sprinkle caster sugar on these fruity fritters.
  • Banana and Orange Shake – A fruity milk drink enhanced by a creamy topping.
  • Banana Jam – Keep those hungry kids happy with this banana jam in their sandwiches.
  • Flaming Bananas – Dim the lights before setting alight this rum-bustious party-piece
  • Spiced Bananas – A simple, spicy sweet to end your barbecue meal
  • Banana Malt Bread – Something different for those unexpected callers, a malt loaf with a tangy banana flavor.
  • Banana and Almond Slices – Enjoy these tasty fruit slices without worrying too much about putting on weight
  • Banana Cream Posset – A delicious no-cook, boozy banana pudding that’s just great for those warm summer evenings
  • Honeyed Banana Dream – Beautiful banana cream pudding with lemon and honey flavour
  • Banana and Mallow Delight – These gorgeous banana and mallow toasties will have the kids, young and old, screaming out for more
  • Banana Butterscotch Boat – The hot banana butterscotch topping makes this a truly memorable ice cream dessert
  • Banana Chutney – A very mild fruity chutney with just a hint of curry
  • Banana Wine – This fruity banana wine will be a really tropical addition to your wine cellar
  • Banana Crunch Cake – Yummy banana cake with a crunchy walnut and cinnamon topping
  • Toffee Bananas – Delicious bananas in batter with a scrumptious golden caramel coating
  • Banana Fruit Teabread – This wonderfully moist teabread is delicious when spread with butter and honey
  • Banana Nut Pancakes – Not just a pudding but a delicious snack or supper dish