Recipe: Easter Nests

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A Fabulous Easter treat


  • 1lb. Pastry (any kind)
  • 10ozs margarine
  • White of two eggs
  • Any jam without stones
  • Little sugar
  • Marzipan
  • Cooking Instructions:

    1. Roll out pastry and cut into rounds to fit your patty tins.
    2. Put a little rice in them so that the pastry doesn’t rise too much.
    3. Bake until a nice golden brown, then take cases out of patty tin.
    4. Shake out the rice and put some jam in each.
    5. Take the whites of two eggs and beat into a stiff froth.
    6. Add a little sugar to the meringue and put in the cases to line them like nests.
    7. Take the marzipan and shape like eggs, roll them in cocoa and put them in nests.


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